NatHalie Braun Barends
NatHalie Braun Barends

(also known as Petsiré, BHêtziré, Hetziré,at al, H, PetsireH)

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Selected Activities
Selected Activities

Activities - Exhibitions (with catalog *)
Museum & Cultural Institutions

2014 –* "Rudolf Steiner Haus", Berlin, Germany – Paintings

2014 –* "Fondazione Oddi", Palazzo Oddo, Albenga, Italy – Paintings

2014 –* "Alter Garnisonfriedhof", Berlin – Works on space blankets

2013 –* "Museum Altes Dampfbad", Baden Baden, Germany – Revealing Paintings

2013 –* "Künstlerforum", Bonn, Germany – Paintings

2012 –* "Museo di Scienze Naturali", Torino, Italy – Revealing Paintings

2012 –* "Miami River Art Fair", Miami, USA – Revealing Paintings

2012 –* "Italienisches Kulturinstitut Köln", Köln, Germany – Revealing Paintings

2012 –* "Rayko Alexiev Space", Sofia, Bulgary – Revealing Paintings 

2012 –* "Fondazione AEM a2a Casa dell’Energia di Milano", Milan, Italy – Revealing Paintings

2011 –* "Sala delle Colonne", Castello del Valentino, Turin, Italy – Photography and light installation

2011 –* "Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga", Praha, Czech Republic – "Revealing Paintings" and interactive concept for H light installation.

2009 – "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes" MNBA, Santiago, Chile – Individual exhibition of HPaintings, HPhotos, HFilms, light installation "Descubriendo la Identidad – Discovering Identity, Die Entdeckung der Identität: In Honor to Werner Barends"

2009 – "Museo de Arte Contemporáneo", Valdivia, Chile – Individual exhibition of HPaintings, HPhotos, HFilms, light installation "Descubriendo la Identidad – Discovering Identity – Die Entdeckung der Identität: In Honor to Werner Barends”

2009 – "Swiss Art Institution", Forsthausvilla, Karlsruhe – Exhibition of paintings at "Curator's Choice"

2009 – "ArtScoutOne" Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Mannheim, Germany – Aktuelle Kunst in Mannheim von der Industriestrasse zum Schloss.

2008 – "P 13: Raum für Kunst und Kultur", Heidelberg – Individual Exhibition of Revealing Paintings & Light Installations. 

2008 – "Römischer Hof/Vivico Real Estate", Unter den Linden, Berlin – Individual exhibition of Discovering Identity: Revealing Images, Revealing Paintings, Video and Light Installations.

2007 – "Kunsthalle Mannheim", Germany – "PHaradise: Homage to Aniela Braun", permanent "HLight Installation" in the dome and skylight of the Hermann Billing building, in dialog with James Turrell's light installation "Four Eyes"

2007 – "Kunsthalle Mannheim", Germany – Paintings and photos exhibition for the "100 Years Kunsthalle" celebration.

2007 – VIP Programm @ Art Basel, Badischer Bahnhof, Basel – Revealing Images and "Reise ins Wir" in cooperation with Rodolphe von Gombergh.

2007 – "Verena Foundation", Kamini Port, Hydra/Greece – Revealing Images: Homage to Werner Barends.

2007 – "H–Space", Nikolaikirchplatz, Berlin – Individual exhibition of Revealing Images & Revealing Paintings.

2006 – "Kunsthalle Mannheim", Germany – "HHole (for Mannheim), 2006–∞", permanent multimedial and multi-dimensional light installation / Work in Progress, created as part of the exhibition "Full House: Faces of a Collection"

2006 – "Kunsthalle Mannheim", Germany – "HLaser"

2003 –* "MAC – Museu de Arte Contemporanea", São Paulo, Brazil - "40 artists, 40 years anniversary"

2001 – "MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som", São Paulo, Brazil - "Interacoes", Multimedia exhibition

2001 – "Capela do Morumbi Cultural Center", São Paulo, Brazil - "Hali–angels", Solo exhibition

2001 – "Secretaria de Cultura da Ilhabela", Brazil – "HPhotos" and curator of happening "Interarte em Siribai"

2001 – "Bayer do Brazil", São Paulo, Brazil – Individual Exhibition with HPhotos

2000 –* "Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo", Brazil - "The Angels are Back"

2000 – "MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna" de São Paulo , Brazil - Interactive sculpture, photographic installation and workshop for GNT  

2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – "German artists in Brazil", Exhibition

2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – "Hillunion", Solo exhibition

2000 – "Brazilian Embassy", Berlin, Germany – "Halion", Solo exhibition

2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – Represents Brazil in Charity exhibition with 156 participating countries for the Nelson Mandela Children Trust Foundation with painted objects.

2000 – "EXPO 2000", Hannover, Germany – Charity concert and auction for HMap painting

1999 – "MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som", São Paulo, Brazil - "GNT" Exhibition with paintings and interactive performance

1999 – "S'hort Internacional Art Center", Palma de Mallorca, Spain – "Rabra", Solo exhibition with drawings, HPhotos and objects

1999 –* "Ludwig Forum", Aachen, Germany – Participation in Exhibition of Gilberto Chateaubriand's Collection, with HPhotos

1999 –* "Haus der Kulturen der Welt", – Berlin, Germany – Participation in Exhibition of Gilberto Chateaubriand's Collection, with HPhotos

1998 –* "MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia" Salvador de Bahia , Brazil -  "H-Installation", Solo exhibition

1998 –* "Aloisio Magalhaes Museum of Modern Art of Pernambuco (MAMAM)", Recife, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo exhibition

1998 –* "MAM Rio – Museu de Arte Moderna" do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo exhibition

1998 –* "MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som", São Paulo, Brazil - "H–Installation", Solo Exhibition, Curator of happening and piano concert, slide show, poetry and dance performance

1998 –* "H.D.K. Hochschule der Künste", Berlin, Germany – Exhibition of "Hillu–Shadows"

1997 – "Maison de l'Unesco", Paris, France – "Hillenus", Solo exhibition with photograph installation

1997 – "Barueri/Alphaville city, Brazil" – Exhibitions and interactive performance uniting the cities of Alphaville and Barueri, with interactive sculpture at Central Square of Alphaville and exhibition at the Municipal Theatre of Barueri

1997 – "Banff International Art Center", Banff, Canada – "Hillenus", Photograph Installation at Project Gallery

1996 –* "World Trade Center", São Paulo, Brazil – Solo Exhibition of paintings

1996 – Djalma at Caracol Cultural Space at EXPO–FAU, University of São Paulo, Brazil – "The Desert", Interactive painting Installation & Workshop with the children of the Pastoral do Menor

1996 – Transatlantico Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil – "The Runes", Solo exhibition with paintings and interactive sculptures

1996 – Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ – Wien AG, Wien, Austria – Solo Exhibition

1995 –* "Austrian Cultural Center – Palais Palffy", Wien, Austria – Solo Exhibition

1995 –* "MAC – Museu de Arte Contemporanea", São Paulo, Brazil "Nascente Prize V"

1995 –* "MAC – Museu de Arte Contemporanea", Ibirapuera/Brazil - "Gunther Prize"

1994 – A Lanterna Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil – Painting exhibition

1994 – "Goethe Institut", São Paulo, Brazil – Solo exhibition of paintings and drawings

1993 – House of Japanese Culture, University of São Paulo, Brazil – Exhibition of Paintings



Special projects
Special projects

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at West Park, during Full Moon, Munich - Germany

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Bavaria Platz, during Oktoberfest, Munich - Germany

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Swiss Forest, Burgdorf - Switzerland

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Rocca Grimaldi, Monaco Ville - Monaco

2014 – HDreams Project Performance in Gondola, Bamberg - Germany

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Ramadan Opening, Mannheim - Germany

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Black Forest, Freiburg - Germany

2014 – HDreams Project Performance at Heidelberg Castle - Germany

2013 – HUms Project, Presentation and Performances in Venice during the "55th Venice Biennale"

2013 – HDreams Project Presentation and Performances at Monastero San Nicolò during the "55th Venice Biennale"

2013 – HDreams Presentation at the Casinò, during the International Film Festival, Lido di Venezia 2013 – HDreams Performances along Canal Grande, Venice

2013 – Hotel Monaco& Gran Canal, Venice, Invitation for HDreams Project and HBed Presentation

2013 – HDreams Project Presentation and Performances at Isola San Giorgio

2013 – Gran Caffé Lavena Invitation and concert dedicated to HDreams project and HBed Performance

2013 – Piazza San Marco HDreams Performances at Caffé Florian and Caffè Quadri

2013 – HDreams Project Presentations, Performances and Desert Cloud WorksHop at Monastero delle Suore Maestre di Santa Dorotea, Venice, Italy

2013 – HAction at: Sylt, Germany 

2013 – HBeing, HFlag and HBridges at Mt. Saint Michel, France; Venice, Italy

2013 – HBeing Performance, invitation at Beyeler Foundation during Art Basel

2012 – HBridge performances

2012 – Development of Twelfth Project for downtown Dubai, United Arabs Emirates.

2012 – Development of Black Swan Project.

2012 – Creation of Stone CHapel for Santa De Atacalco, Chile

2012 – Creation of Tree AtHelier, Atacalco, Chile

2012 – Development of HOasis Project.

2012 – Workshop sessions of Painted Beings

2011 – HBridge performances 

2011 – Workshop sessions of Painted Beings: Istanbul, Turkey; M Castle, Italy; Pointe St. Denis, Gabon.

2009–2010 – Realization of HRE&L Project: HBeing in Valle Nevado, Chile; HMap and HBeing in Atacalco, Chile in collaboration with ML

2009–2010 – Development of a book as art work: Theme: Hali House de Cirambaí

2009–2010 – Workshop sessions „Just Before Leaving“ of „Painted Beings“: M at Valle del Elqui, EK at La Serena, Chile, and H at Monastery San Jose and at H Alcaraz in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2009–2010 – Development of Concept "Painted Beings" for "Cuerpos Pintados"

2009–2010 – Development and production of HBook and film Descubriendo la Identidad – Discovering Identity – Die Entdeckung der Identität: In Honor to Werner Barends”

2009- Present: The Little Princess, The Little Princess Arrives, The Little Princess HAngel, The Little Princess HDreams

2008 – Film of Wedding Performance Orient / Occident, Istanbul.

2007 – Konzept für "Barents Boat" Natural World Museum exhibition in Oslo/Norway.

2007 – Konzept für "HLight Project" und "HOrient Ring".

2006 – "HHole Book" during the "Artist in Residence" Program, Kunsthalle Mannheim

2007 – Presentation of "HDesign" furniture in collaboration with BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen in Kunsthalle Mannheim. 

2006 – Production of "VLA Videos & Images" in collaboration with Rodolphe von Gombergh, Paris/France.

2006 – Production of "HOpi Barends Film", Santiago/Chile.

2006 – "Mobile HFilm", Nuits Blanches, Centre Pompidou, Paris/France.

2006 – "HLaser", Kunsthalle Mannheim; Art Basel; Verena Foundation Hydra/Greece; H–Space, Berlin; P13, Heidelberg; Römischer Hof/Vivico Real Estate, Berlin.

2006 – "HBook" during the "Artist in Residence" Program, Kunsthalle Mannheim

2006 – Concept for "Art From Above" with the Symbol of "HMap" (for HAntipode New Zealand Ocean)

2006 – Concept for HBook "HtaeD"

2005 – Desert Cloud Workshop II

2005 – "Land for Art World", New York & Connecticut/USA

2005 – "HLight Installation" for Castillo de Santa Barbara, Symposium Escultura Alicante/Spain

2004 – Lighting Concept and Realization Building facade & Art Walk Pacific Place One Miami, Miami/USA

HDreams, HBridges Performances, TreuH Schwan, "Die Reise ins Wir"


Lighting projects
Lighting projects

Light installation
Light installation project
Redevelopment plan of landscape park in the heart of Houston [on-going project]
Exterior lighting
Event lighting for one year exhibit
Event lighting in the scope of Lille 2004
Mont Saint-Eloi - France
Event lighting in the scope of Lille 2004
Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris - Paris, France
Design for 7 monumental chandeliers for the main Atrium space
FAAP University - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Exterior and main atrium
Bard Theater - New Yok, USA
1000 seats auditorium - site supervision (Architect: Frank Gehry)
Columbus Circle - New York, USA
Design concept for the monument and the exterior plaza public space (Landscape: Olin & Partners)
Hotel Georges V - Paris, France
Spa renovation
Jean Georges Restaurant, 66 Leonard - New York, USA
Design concept and light fixtures (Architect: Richard Meier)
Kenzo - Paris, France
Opening event for new perfum launch (Architect: Patrick Jouin)
One Miami - Miami, USA
Building facade & A virtual fountain for art walk
Pacific Place - Hong Kong
Photographic wall and project concept for shopping Mall
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Virginia, USA
Renovation of building
Wolfsonian Museum - Miami, USA
Renovation of building
Design concept for building facade
West Indian Cayman - Cayman Islands
Town development project



2004 - present
2001 - present
Halie Light International, Inc. - New York, USA
Co-founder of the firm, Artist, Designer and Consultant

L'Observatoire International, Inc. - New York, USA
Co-president, Designer and Consultant
Creation of Artworks together with Frans Krajcberg in his Athelier in Nova Viçosa, Bahia, Brazil
1996 - 2001
U.S.P. - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Strictu Sensu Masters degree in Communication and Arts with Dr. Prof. Manuel Moran (equals Doctor degree in USA)
S'hort Internacional Art Center - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Artist invited for residency by mecenas Margarita Nigorra
H.D.K. - Fine Arts Academy of Berlin, Germany
Invited artist for exchange program
Banff International Art Center, Canada
Invited artist for self directed residency
1994 - 1995
Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria
Invited artist and residency with Dr. Prof. Franz Mairinger
U.S.P. - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sculpture of the 20th Century, and Art History with Dr. Prof. Daisy Peccinini
1993 - 1994
U.N.I.P. - Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Latu Sensu degree in International Marketing (equals Master degree in USA)
Istituto per L'Arte e Restauro - Florence, Italy / Drawing and Painting
1987 - 1991
U.N.I.P. - Paulista University, Sao Paulo, Brazil

NatHalie also participates in various socio-ecological projects such as Operation Raleigh, The World Game Institute, Alianca Internacional do Animal, Nelson Mandela Children Trust, Pastoral do Menor - Djalma, Alcatrazes Project and the PlantAr Project since 1989. Her cultural travels (Russia, Japan, China, Singapoure, Polynesia, South America, Europe, U.S.A., Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Morrocco,  Caribbean, Gabon, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malta, Jamaica, Hong Kong) are important sources of reference and inspiration.

NatHalie is fluent in German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French. She also studies Mandarin and has a continuing interest to enhance her language skills. However, art has been her favoured means of expression since her youngest age.