Catalogued paintings
Catalogued paintings

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Austrian Cultural Center - Palais Palffy - Wien, Austria

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The ways to knowledge by means of the sensorial, cross with those of the intuition. The intuitive way is the one of the discovery, of the unexpected connections, of the junctions, of the superpositions, of the non-linear navigation, of the capacity to wonder, of deepening, of the psychic knowledge, of less conscient means of communication. It's a way that is pleasant, unforseeable, attractive, propitious to discoveries - many times confusing, irrational, illogical-that fulfils profoundly, brings us forward, gives confidence.

Prof. Manuel Moran - orients Nathalie B. Barends master degree at the University of São Paulo.

Soft and firm
Taking safe steps on the wet sand, going towards the unquestionable.
The anointing comes, and then the poetry, and with it the discipline in shapes and colours.
Like a good potter, she creates, transforms, and makes the image come forth.
There is no fear of admitting the spirituality in her doing. The being that is not just the thinking, the feeling of her limited desires.
There has been a surrender, a submission to the Supreme. An opening of her inner door. An invitation to a journey. And in obedience she continues along her bridge, her stairways, her pathways to something greater.
Her fortresses are being founded on precious stones, her columns are being fixed with colourful bond.
Soft and firm.
A difficult combination that is fundamental for such a moving.
To talk about Nathalie Petsire is to talk about a seeker that gets beyond the limits that we can see, and reaches what we cannot see.
After all: The righteous will live by faith.

Titiza Nogueira - President of the Art and Culture Institute for the International Question (ACQUI) and represents Brazil at the International Forum of Economy and Culture.

Petsiré, Petsiré,
If I weren't a simple human being, maybe I would calmly arrive into the center of this light in these flights, from the liquids that dilute your plants, vegetables, and roots in natural alchemy, until far beyond the next mirage.
Petsiré, Petsiré,
It was not by chance that Nathalie B. Barends received this name from a Xavante Indian Chief, in a xamanic encounter parallel to the Eco 92, that took place in Brasilia and in Rio de Janeiro. She was chosen, by her own art, and by her intuitive nature, as an open door to the rediscovery of the sensations, to the valorization of intuition, and to the demediocratization of creativity, free of marketing extremes.
Her art contains elements that enchant, and call to reflection. Meditates with us our richness and our limitations. Criticises with incredible sweetness, gentle in her revealing magics, plenty in wills to recuperate the world for better days of justice, balance, and good fortune.
Petsiré is only beginning her luminous voyage around the Earth, awakening man to the marine values, to the screams of our violated forests, and to the murmurs of our sacrificed children.
Petsiré, Petsiré,
If I weren't a simple human being, maybe I could fly like your fish with their wings, that direct life far beyond the mirage, beyond the blue horizon. But for us, remains only the learning of your works, hallucinated dyes in search of attentions, caress on canvas, happiness in love.

Paulo Klein - Art Critic and Poet

Paintings on canvas
Paintings on canvas

Collection Luka Basic   Collection Luka Basic  
Illustration of NatHalie's painting technique which offers different perceptions according to the light.

Painting with fire at the studio - July 9 / São Paulo, Brazil

200 x 200 cm - Collection André Guidotti
First individual exhibition invitation at Goethe Institute.


Paintings on paper
Paintings on paper


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