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Halie map, also known as HMap, is a sympol expressing a universal principle of contraction and expansion. It's a visual representation of the flow of life, where polarities orbit around a common center.

Halie comes from the word Halie-Nat. It was created to represent a philosofical research that derives from words starting with the letter H which I consider essential for a luminous existence: Harmony, Home, Health, Heart, Hope, Honesty, Happiness...

   June 17, 1997
HMap was created to further develop the philosophical research and to help indentify and bring consciousness to where energies are best employed in ones life.
The HBeing derives from the HMap and reveals itself as a connection and the memory of the Divine.
The Halie House is a space created to "welcHome" beings in an atmosphere in sintony with universal nature. It is based on the philosophical research symbolized by the HMap and guided by the HBeing.

NatHalie   NatHalie under the moon   NatHalie with painted H Map (photo by Carolina Neuding)   NatHalie with painted H Map (photo by Carolina Neuding)           

To be completed...