German TV Interviews
German TV Interviews

Wenn sich Kunst durch Gebaude SWR 06/02/2015

Rechtsstreit um das "H-Hole" in der Kunsthalle  RNF 06/02/2015

Mehr 2014-2015 TV Videos: HHole und PHaradise



Brasilian TV Interviews
Brasilian TV Interviews

"TV Cultura - Channel 2", Reporter Eco (Atelier Belgica)


GNT TV Program - Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo

Bruno Giovanetti

"TV Cultura - Channel 2", Reporter Eco (Atelier 9 de Julho)


Other TV Interviews
Other TV Interviews

GNT TV Program - Modern Art Museum of São Paulo

UNESCO - Paris

TV for expo at Unesco   TV for expo Unesco   TV for expo Unesco  
TV Cultura - Channel 2" , Metropolis

TV2 Metropolis  
TV2 (Atelier Belgica)

TV2 Atelier Belgica  
Brasilian Embassy

TV for expo at Brasilian Embassy in Berlin  

• "TV Gazeta - Channel 11", Night News
• "TV Cultura - Channel 2" , Metropolis

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